Rosa Rugosa (dog rose) honey…

The hedgerows are in bloom, Rosa Rugosa adding a splash of colourful shades of pink during the month of June. There is more than meets the eye to this pretty wild flower commonly known as the dog rose. As well as being fragrant, it’s edible and provides colour to salads, used as decoration for cakes, desserts, drinks etc or you could try our recipe below to add a floral note to your honey.

You will need a clean kilner, or standard jam jar large enough for the amount of honey that you choose to use, personally I think a kilner looks prettier in the kitchen.

Step 1. Wash your petals, this is optional, your honey will have a stronger flavour if you don’t choose to wash the petals though.

Step 2. Pop the petals into a bowl large enough to comfortably contain the honey and petals.

Step 3. If you’re using raw honey like us, in fact we use honey from our very own bees, then it may have crystallised, just warm it very gently by popping the jar in a saucepan of warm water. As long as the water isn’t too hot, it won’t affect the properties of the honey. Whichever honey you do choose to use, make sure its quality, a lot of supermarket honey is bulked out with a cheap syrup. Local honey is the best option and can possibly help with anyone suffering from hay fever.

Step 4. Pour the honey over the petals and give it a gently stir, cover the bowl in cling film or pop the lid on securely if you chose to a use a tupperware container. Pop to one side – no need to refrigerate! You can now forget about it for the next fortnight.

Step 5. Strain the sticky mixture through a sieve or jam/jelly strainer (you can warm it slightly to make this easier), pop the lid on and it’s ready to spread on your breakfast toast  in fact there are endless ways to use this honey, keep visiting us for further ideas.